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Storefront: Water Conservation


Publix has been focused on water conservation within our own operations for many years. Since 2016, we’ve saved millions of gallons of water per year through innovative projects, improved cleaning techniques, and proactive leak detection. Our savings are expected to grow as we experiment with new ideas and projects.

Our distribution centers and manufacturing plants use water-cooled units for refrigeration with an external condenser that produces condensation. Facilities containing multiple water-cooled condensers use hundreds of thousands of gallons of water per week in order to operate the refrigeration. One of our Lakeland refrigerated warehouses has made modifications to collect rainwater and condensation runoff, which is stored in a 28,000-gallon water tank and then sourced to cool the condensers used for refrigeration.

In addition, our irrigation specifications at our company-controlled locations ensure that:

  • Reclaimed or well water is used whenever possible.
  • Rain and soil moisture sensors are installed with automatic control gauges to determine when landscaping needs water.
  • Irrigation systems are designed only after choosing plants and landscape design.
  • Irrigation sprinklers don’t overlap into single zones.
  • Drip irrigation and micro-sprinklers are used where appropriate.

Other water conservation efforts include installing low-flow faucets, toilets, and waterless urinals in our store bathrooms.