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Storefront: Recognition For Our Efforts


In 2015, we received an Innovation in Plastics Recycling award from the American Chemistry Council (ACC). The ACC recognized us as a leader in recycling rigid plastic packaging by optimizing our back-of-store recycling stream with the use of a vertical and horizontal baler that produces large, dense bales of clean plastic for recycling.

In 2021, we were recognized as a Recycling Champion by the Florida Recycling Partnership Foundation. Judges from Florida State University’s Jim Moran College of Entrepreneurship named us the Environmental Stewardship Super Star for our work in water stewardship and landfill diversion.

And while we’re proud of the recognition, we’re even more proud of our continued success:

2021 Recycled Materials:

  • 307,826 tons of cardboard
  • 12,526 tons of mixed plastic
  • 6,516 tons of mixed paper
  • Plus more than 53,000 tons of other materials ranging from food waste to hard-to-recycle materials like foam.