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Produce: Food Donation

Helping Earth. Helping People.

As part of our mission, we are intolerant of waste and involved as responsible citizens in our communities. By establishing a perishable recovery program and partnering with Feeding America member food banks, we stay connected to our local communities and area food banks.

Perishable recovery food donations made through Publix will support feeding those in need within our communities and help alleviate hunger. Publix provides an invaluable community service through its partnership with Feeding America. Donating unsalable yet consumable products provides individuals and families facing hunger a way to bring more food to the table.

Our Publix stores provided Feeding America with 56.6 million pounds of donated food in 2016, 48.7 million pounds in 2015, more than 43 million pounds in 2014, and more than 36 million pounds in 2013.