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Meat & Seafood: Seafood Sustainability Program

Seafood Sustainability Program

We view sustainability as a journey rather than a destination. This philosophy is ingrained in our mission statement, which calls us to be involved as responsible citizens in our communities. Our goal is to offer our customers more sustainable seafood options every year, which we believe will drive changes for the better. Leadership in seafood sustainability starts by working with partners who share our passion. Our program stands out by supporting the seafood industry as it progresses. We’re committed to doing our part to ensure that we maintain sound, sustainable practices. Here’s a look at our three-phase program:

Phase 1 (Research and data collection): Each year, we conduct research and collect data for the top 85% of products sold in our Seafood department.

Phase 2 (Product evaluation, decisions, and improvement projects): In conjunction with Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP), we annually evaluate our sources of supply and determine which of the sources need improvement. Then we prioritize the projects we will work on the following year. This process helps us decide whether to help enhance fisheries through improvement projects, seek alternative suppliers, or halt the sale of a product until the issues are addressed.

Phase 3 (Implementation): We make company-wide purchasing decisions to support sustainable fishing efforts.

We constantly evaluate our process and look for ways to offer more sustainable seafood to our customers. We also track the progress of our improvement projects to help us achieve our goal of a more sustainable seafood supply.

Our sustainable seafood philosophy embraces various categories of products, including all products sold from our full-service cases and private label frozen items in our Seafood department.