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Meat & Seafood: Partners in Sustainability

Partners in Sustainability

Navigating the world of sustainable seafood isn’t easy. As you learn more about this important topic, you’ll find two names pop up frequently: Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) and the Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative (GSSI). Working with these two organizations helps our sustainability program play a bigger part in the solution.

Sustainable Fisheries Partnership

Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) is a marine conservation nonprofit dedicated to helping the seafood supply chain function in as environmentally friendly a fashion as possible. Our participation with SFP gives us the opportunity to better understand important issues about seafood sustainability. We learn where to engage our sustainability efforts, how fisheries manage their stock, and about the health of a fishery. This partnership also empowers us to invest in fisheries to help them gain the resources they need to improve their sustainability practices, a process known as a fishery improvement project (FIP). Since 2011, we’ve donated over $650,000 to SFP to support FIPs and other sustainable seafood improvement projects.
Publix is proud to be a supporter of Sustainable Fisheries Partnership’s Target 75 (T75) Initiative. T75 aims to mobilize fishery and aquaculture improvement projects so that at least 75 percent of seafood production in key sectors is sustainable or making regular, verifiable improvements toward sustainability. T75 sets measurable milestones on the path to the ultimate goal of 100 percent sustainable seafood production. Meeting this goal will not only help ensure the continued availability of high-quality, affordable seafood products for our customers; it will also help safeguard the health of marine and aquatic ecosystems and biodiversity around the world.

Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative

The Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative (GSSI) aligns global efforts and resources to address seafood sustainability challenges as a public-private partnership with over 90 stakeholders throughout the seafood industry. We partner with GSSI to ensure that current and future sustainability claims meet a rigorous set of standards, so everyone can feel confident about their seafood purchases.

Ocean Disclosure Project

Publix became the first US supermarket retailer to participate in the Ocean Disclosure Project (ODP). The ODP is an excellent resource to help you make informed decisions about your seafood. You can find fishery locations, sustainability ratings, environmental impacts, and the types of fishing gear used in the process. Learn more about the Ocean Disclosure Project.*

*By clicking this link, you will leave and enter the Ocean Disclosure Project site that is operated and controlled by SFP.