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Grocery Aisle: Food Safety Product Quality

Ensuring Product Quality

Publix and our suppliers work hard to provide our customers safe, high-quality products each and every day. The food safety training programs implemented at Publix have been recognized as industry-leading platforms that help us maintain food safety throughout the company. Tens of thousands of Publix managers have achieved Food Protection Manager Certification. This certification standard established by the Conference for Food Protection has been endorsed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention1 because the certification has been shown to significantly reduce the risk of foodborne illness. Because we purchase food from a number of sources, Publix food safety leaders collaborate with the Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance and the International Food Protection Training Institute in the advancement of food safety training programs for food processors and food distribution channels.

Suppliers of Publix store brand products must achieve food safety certification as established under the Global Food Safety Initiative,2 and our food scientists regularly evaluate the safety and quality of these products. In 2013, Publix was recognized by the International Association for Food Protection with its Black Pearl Award for Corporate Excellence in Food Safety and Quality. In 2017, the Food Marketing Institute, in conjunction with the International Food Protection Training Institute, honored Publix with its inaugural Food Safety Innovation Award.

Publix food safety professionals work closely with state and national food safety organizations in the advancement of food safety programs. Our associates serve on committees and work groups to address food safety channels with innovation in the food system. We also volunteer with the Partnership for Food Safety Education for the advancement of the important food safety messages of “Clean – Separate – Cook – Chill” to help maintain food safety at home and in our communities. Lastly, as we continue to partner with Feeding America®, it is vital we help maintain food safety as food donations enter the food donation channels to help those in need.

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