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Customer Service Desk: Reusable Bags

Let’s Do Good Together

We all play a part in helping take care of the earth. You might not realize it, but every time you pick up a reusable bag, you’re joining us in showing this beautiful world a little love.

We donate ten cents from every purchase of Publix reusable bags—up to $125,000 annually—to support sustainability projects that help our community. Like planting trees that help clean our waterways, for example.

Thanks to people like you who buy reusable bags, Publix has donated over $606,000 since 2016 to the Arbor Day Foundation. They’ve used those donations to plant more than 605,000 longleaf seedlings across 870 acres in Florida’s Little Orange Creek Preserve and Withlacoochee State Forest. These trees are helping clean waterways and restore wildlife habitats. Additionally, it’s estimated they will collect over 66 billion gallons of rainfall and absorb more than 182,000 metric tons of net carbon dioxide over the next 50 years. And here’s the thing: you helped make that happen. Every time you buy the bags that give back, you’re making the earth smile a little brighter.

Pick up one of our Publix reusable bags next time you stop by, and let’s do good together.

Want to learn more about how trees help our water? Check out the Publix blog.