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Customer Service Desk: Plastic Bag Reduction

Remember. Reuse. Repeat.

At Publix, we believe we can do good together by reducing use of paper and plastic bags. Our initiatives include:

  • Instructing our front-service clerks on proper bagging techniques.
  • Setting single-use bag reduction goals for every store.
  • Encouraging use of reusable bags.

You too can help make a difference for our environment—it’s easy! Just bring your reusable bags when you shop. If you have trouble remembering them, try to place or hang them somewhere in your home where you’ll see them right before you head out. Try the area near your wallet, keys, or purse, or the inside of your front door handle.

It’s also important to take good care of the bags you use to carry your food. Here are some tips for proper handling of reusable bags:

  • Cloth bags: Remove any inserts and turn bags inside out. Clean the inserts with a disinfecting spray cleaner. Then toss your bags in the washing machine and launder with hot water and detergent. Machine or line dry. Do this after every shopping trip.
  • Nylon or polyester bags: Hand-wash in warm water with mild soap. Turn inside out and line dry. Do this after every shopping trip.
  • Store bags in a clean, cool location—not in the car.
  • Clean areas where you unload reusable bags, such as the kitchen counter or table.
  • Do not use reusable grocery bags for other purposes; designate them just for groceries.

We’re grateful for your help as we endeavor to make the future brighter for our environment and our communities. The next generation thanks you.

Paper & Plastic Bags Saved

Estimate of the total paper and plastic grocery bags saved based on the average improvement of paper and plastic grocery bag usage since mid-2007.