As part of our category review process and supplier business reviews, we make an effort to understand what our suppliers' sustainable initiatives are and where we could incorporate these into our own initiatives, environmentally friendly packaging being one example.

Reducing plastic
We worked with our film supplier to identify a more sustainable film for sealing Publix Brand Deli Salads. The new film is comprised of 30% post-consumer recycled material, which is equivalent to more than 1.9 million square feet of recycled material being used in our Deli Kitchen Manufacturing Plant. MSP and the Meat, Produce, and Deli RBUs were able to reduce the plastic used to package our fresh products. Through an improvement in technology we were able to transition to an overwrap plastic film that is lighter weight but still meets our quality requirements. This improvement reduces our plastics use by an estimated 384,000 pounds annually. And because we can add more film on a roll, we have reduced the number of deliveries needed, saving on fuel.

In 2011, our Manufacturing Supply Purchasing Department and our Deerfield Dairy Processing Plant worked with our supplier to reduce the amount of plastic used to manufacture our 2 liter soda bottles, saving an estimated 205,000 pounds of plastic annually. This was achieved without compromising the quality of our bottles or disrupting the plant efficiencies.

In 2013 we saved more than 45,600 pounds of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic in the form of plastic buckets by having our Publix Bakery make our fudge.

Paper and cardboard
We also eliminated 13,000 pounds of paper annually by reducing the amount of paper used in Publix Bakery muffin cups by 23 percent. And 7,900 pounds of corrugated cardboard were eliminated annually by working with our supplier to reduce the size of sidewalls on our Italian wedding cake trays. This reduction also helps fit four trays (instead of three) in a case, reducing the number of deliveries needed.

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