Reusable Bags

Reusable Bags

Just a helpful tip: It's a good idea to clean your reusable bag regularly. You'll find specific care instructions on the label inside of each bag.

Publix has sold reusable shopping bags for over 20 years, including cotton cloth bags. In mid 2007, we began selling other types of reusable bags that contain recycled material and are recyclable when they wear out. Since then, we have sold over 36 million of these bags and given away many more.

Our initiatives to reduce the use of paper and plastic grocery bags used at checkout include: improved training for our front service clerks; bag reduction goals for every store; progress monitoring; communication campaigns to encourage the use of reusable bags; and the distribution of free reusable bags through various partnerships.

So far these initiatives have helped us reduce our use of paper and plastic grocery bags by over one million per day. In an average month, we are saving over 40 million paper and plastic grocery bags thanks to customers opting for Publix reusable bags.

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