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Produce: Meet Our Growers


We work with growers who incorporate sustainable practices into their business models. Our goal is to provide fresh produce at the quality and price that our customers expect. While we may not always be directly involved in our growers’ specific agricultural efforts, we are glad to share some of their practices.

B&W Quality Growers

B&W grows watercress seasonally, which allows the land to lay fallow for at least six months out of the year to recharge naturally. This natural form of continual care has kept their land viable for over a century.

Rock Garden

Rock Garden created an urban farm on an abandoned railroad spur in Miami, FL, reclaiming unused land to grow organic edibles. The site also serves as a community outreach center to educate the public on sustainable agriculture.

Clear Springs Farms

Clear Springs Farms uses strategically placed windmills across the land on their blueberry farm that can be turned on to move air around and delay water pump use for frost-freeze protection. The entire property is set up with drain tiles that flow back to recovery ponds that act as a natural filter against runoff and soil erosion. Additionally, all of their products are packaged in clamshells derived from 95% recycled post-consumer plastics.

BBI Produce

All cardboard collected from BBI Produce farms and warehouses is reused or recycled. They also use drip irrigation on all their farms, which reduces water usage by as much as 90% compared to overhead irrigation. The latter instead is used only to protect against frost or freezes, and all water is recaptured and reused. Additionally, they use good crops to put back vital nutrients in the soil, which cuts down on the need for fertilizers.
BBI strawberry containers are made from 90% recycled plastic—which is 100% renewable—so our customers can recycle their containers confidently.


Water conservation is Driscoll’s number-one priority. From their irrigation systems to the technology that monitors them, Driscoll’s harnesses the power of innovation to help create a sustainable future for agriculture. By partnering with farmers, public agencies, and private companies, Driscoll’s recognizes the need for a ground-up, collaborative approach to battling drought and conserving water. They have initiated several education programs that engage growers and irrigators to transform the future of water conservation.


To maintain soil vitality, Vegpro rotates crops and uses cover crops to ensure beneficial nutrients are returned to the earth to enrich the soil. This practice helps reduce phosphorous and nitrogen pollution in waterways. Vegpro also reduces soil erosion by planting numerous trees around their farm.

Global Organic

Global Organic was recognized as a Green Business Partner of Sarasota County, Florida for making an extra effort to operate in an environmentally responsible manner. They met the standards in waste, energy, and water reduction measures.

D’Arrigo Bros. Co. of California

D’Arrigo Bros. saves an estimated 300,000 truck miles annually—enough to make 12 trips around the world each year. With the goal of ensuring product safety and integrity while reducing energy and fuel use, D’Arrigo Bros. Co. decided to combine its packaging and shipping facilities near the heart of its fields.