We're Celebrating Earth Day

Get Into Green Routine¨

Publix's Green Routine began in 2001 and has been growing ever since. This year, we're proud to be celebrating Earth Day in four important ways:

Rebuilding: For every pound of wild mahi-mahi you purchase April 10-23, Publix will donate $1 to Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) (up to $40,000), a non-profit group working with seafood supply chains to rebuild fish stocks and reduce the environmental effects of fishing and fish farming.

Feeding: Our partnership with Feeding America® allowed us to send more than 36 million pounds of food to feed those in need.

Recycling: We're recycling more than ever. Last year, Publix saved more than 5.8 million pharmacy vials from going into landfills. Bring in yours to help us recycle even more.

Reusing: We've saved over 3,000,000,000 paper and plastic bags since 2007. Customers helped us reach this mark by remembering to bring in their reusable bags. Some ways we strive to reduce the use of paper and plastic bags are:

•  Including reusable bag reminder signs on parking lot cart corrals and store entrance wind signs
•  Training our front service clerks on proper bagging techniques
•  Testing a new check stand so two bags can be filled at one time for ease in proper sorting

Help us celebrate Earth Day 2014 with these wonderful efforts in support of all the Earth provides us each day.

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